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Why Is It Important To Clean Your Solar Panels?

The average solar system can be affected up to 20% after installation. Why? Because of all of the debris like dirt, dust and bird droppings. You may ask yourself “why would we want to clean them if some rain can wash it away?” Easy because rain does not wash everything away, especially because most solar panels are flat on your rooftop.


Maintaining your panels clean is very important especially if saving money was your goal when you first installed your system so why not keep your system working just as well as it did when you first had it installed. You can go back to having more energy production by having your panels cleaned.


What Ecology Offers:

  • Site inspection before starting the job to record any affected solar equipment in hazardous conditions.

  • Special equipment that won’t damage or scratch you panels

  • Special offers and great annual maintenance service

  • System production report of before and after

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