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A lot has changed since we opened our doors. The planet is changing and we are changing right along with it. With new legislation focusing on more sustainable means of construction within the home builders industry, we aim to educate each household on new initiatives and promote an Eco friendly way of living for all.

​Ecology Electrical​ is changing the ways families across America live by providing Ecologically minded products and services for all.​

Ecology Electrical was founded in 2009, to better serve the solar and renewable energy needs of homeowners and buyers through out the United States. In addition to our work in Solar we have expanded our offerings to include Home Efficiency Consulting, Engineering planning, and Eco Efficient products to homeowners and organizations thriving to live a more Eco-Friendly lifestyle.


Solar energy provides a low-risk, non-volatile return on investment from tax-free savings on utility bills. With stock market volatility and increasing energy rates, owning a solar system is an important component of any nest egg and retirement plan. Solar systems make homes more marketable and increase the property value too!


Ecology Electrical  . . .

Does your home pay for itself?

High energy costs, expensive cleaners, and an increased demand on our environment has lead Ecology Electrical to develope and deliver both products and services that can not only save you money but lower the carbon footprint on our environment while offering and increased return on investment. If your energy needs are not paying for themselves, contact us today to find out how we can help you save money while helping the planet.

Living Green is your next step to reducing your carbon footprint on the planet earth!

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